Quality Policy

Stringent quality standards and managerial procedures are stipulated for clients’ needs and international regulations, along with enhancing the applications for various types of instruments as well as statistical analysis as the foundation for the constant improvement of manufacturing ability and stable quality.

Quality Promise

Providing satisfactory product quality, delivery date and service needs to the clients are our company’s promise to clients, as well as the goal we strive to accomplish. All Packaging personnel are allowed to understand and implement the quality policy through the participation of all employees.

Quality Control

Insists on providing clients with high quality products, offering stringent layers of checks whether for dimensional inspections or appearance comparison inspections, stringently controlling the quality and conduct product tests with random samples on a regular basis, where qualified products are then sent to the Quality Control Department for random sample tests, thereby introducing the highest quality product guarantee to the clients.

Quality System

In order to effectively integrate the quality management activities such as organization, responsibilities, procedures, processes as well as resources for the Packaging, and to set as the approach to accomplish the existing policies and goals, the establishment of the quality system should satisfy the following functional development:
1. The quality system can be understood by company employees and be effectively applied.
2. Provides satisfactory products to the clients.
3. Emphasizes prevention in advance instead of investigation afterwards.